Dear Doris

I loved you. I never knew you, but I loved you. You made me laugh. You delighted and entertained and comforted me. Most of all, you made me feel good inside. Thank you.




My Top Ten

10) Storm Warning

Such a good, little-known film. You do a great job in an early dramatic role. Only number ten because your role isn’t large.


9) Pillow Talk

Such a classic.


8) By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Super cute and sweet.

7) Send Me No Flowers

You’re really funny in this. Such a great girl’s night movie!


6) The Pajama Game

An essential.

5) Move Over Darling

Funny, naughty, and fast paced. This one’s a keeper. I much prefer it to the original, Cary Grant’s My Favorite Wife

Doris Day (1960s)
Doris Day (1960s)

4) Teacher’s Pet

You and Clark. At first you seem an unlikely couple, but then the viewer is pulled in and taken along for the ride and what a fun, romantic ride it is.

3) On Moonlight Bay

This was an early favorite and will always have a special place in my heart. The story is so charming and so are you.

2) Romance on the High Seas

This one I discovered later than the rest, but it quickly rose to near the top of the list. It’s just such a fun, frothy piece of escapism. One would have to be a scrooge to not thoroughly enjoy it.

1)Calamity Jane

This soundtrack. I listened to this and The Pajama Game on CD more times than I can count. Love. Love. LOVE. I think this is your iconic role. You make the best Calam to ever hit the silver screen!

“Gosh almighty, it’s a masacreeee!”





Thank you DD.







Summer Reads: Silver Screen Edition

I LOVE old movies! And these are a few of the people and things that made me love them. Check em’ out!

Cutest Child Ever Who Went On To Kick Ass

  • Child Star by Shirley Temple- Well written and engaging read. Lot’s of fun behind the scenes tidbits for Temple fans.

Girl Power

  • Leading Ladies: the 50 Most Unforgettable Actresses of the Studio Era by Andrea Cornell Sarvady- Full of gorgeous photographs and fascinating tributes to the best of the best. Get ready to rediscover lost love’s.
  • Judy Garland: Word’s Greatest Entertainer by John Fricke- Very moving and emotional. Really pulls you in to Judy’s life and career, making you fall in love with her all over again.

Eye Candy

  • MGM Posters: The Golden Years by Frank Miller- Luscious poster art. I wish there were 10 of these books, multiple for MGM and then for all the other studios as well. Just can’t get enough.
  • Reel Art: Great Posters From the Golden Age of the Silver Screen by Stephen Rebello- Another great collection of poster art.

Backwards, High heals, and a Scientologist Who’s Awesome

  • Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers- Excellent biography. Loses a little steam near the end but an absolute must for any Ginger fan.

All-Time Classic That I Read Over the Course of Years of Waiting in the Thrift Store for My Mom

  • By Myself by Lauren Bacall- Truly one of the greatest autobiographies from a classic Hollywood star. Can’t say enough.

Your Astaire Fix

  • The Astaire’s: Fred & Adele by Kathleen Riley- Well researched account of Fred’s massive pre-Hollywood success on Broadway. But getting to that point was not easy going. Riley vividly describes Fred’s family dynamics and the colorful world of the vaudeville circuit.
  • Steps in Time by Fred Astaire- Somewhat forgotten Fred Astaire autobiography. Essential.

Very Very Guilty Pleasure

  • Full Service by Scotty Bowers- Be prepared. Very naughty. Also, there’s plenty of controversy over whether or not all of Scotty’s stories are true.

Best Ever Movie Reference Book (Good whatever the season)

  • Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide- Used this book since I was 11. I know some of his entries by heart. Leonard Maltin is a great reviewer… though he can’t get em’ all right. Cough, cough, Miss Grant Take Richmond ehem ; )
Me with Leonard Maltin at the 2017 TCM Film Festival. Woohoo!

Thanks for reading!