Classic Cinema Survey

  1. What is your all-time favorite Clark Gable movie?

It Happened One Night-  He’s so lovable and of course handsome in this!

Runner-up: Mutiny on the Bounty- Gable’s acting is very good.  Such a well made film!  Laughton is terrific too.


  1. Do you like Joan Crawford best as a comedienne or a drama-queen?


I recommend a little known picture, Reunion in France.   She’s quite good in it and costars with John Wayne of all people.


  1. In your opinion, should Ginger Rogers have made more musicals post-Fred Astaire?

Yes, more of anything with Ginger would have been great.  Although none would have been as sublime as her parings with Fred.  She’s my favorite actress.  She could do it all: comedy, drama, musical, romance, and mystery.  Am I forgetting some?


  1. I promise not to cause you bodily (or any other serious) harm if you don’t agree with me on this one. So please be honest: do you like Elizabeth Taylor? Hm?

No, I don’t like like her much in her adult roles.  Love her in National Velvet though when she was young and unspoiled!


  1. Who is your favorite offscreen Hollywood couple?

Bogart and Bacall- iconic

1955:  Married actors Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart laughing on set between takes of the Producer's Showcase live telecast of 'The Petrified Forest', in which they both star.  Bacall holds a cigarette and Bogart wears two guns.  (Photo by Darlene Hammond/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

  1. How about onscreen Hollywood couple?

Loy and Powell… Wait, Ginger and Fred??  Flynn and DeHaviland…?  Rooney and Garland!  Gotta stick with Loy and Powell… I think…


ca. 1939 --- Olivia de Havilland and Errol Flynn in a publicity shot from the 1939 film . --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS
ca. 1939 — Olivia de Havilland and Errol Flynn in a publicity shot from the 1939 film . — Image by © Bettmann/CORBISdownload (3)
  1. Favorite Jean Arthur movie?

The Devil and Miss Jones is by far my favorite.  It’s a crying shame how few people have seen this one.  So funny and so sweet.  She’s wonderful!


  1. What was the first Gregory Peck movie you saw?

Uhhh… O dear.  That’s a long time ago.  Maybe Horatio Hornblower.


  1. What film made you fall in love with Alfred Hitchcock? (And for those of you that say, “I don’t like Hitchcock” — what is wrong with you?!)

North by Northwest- pure ENTERTAINMENT


  1. What is your favorite book-to-movie adaption?

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn captured the spirit of the book.  Little Woman with Katharine Hepburn is excellent.  Wish it could have packed in more of the wonderful stories from the book.

download (4)

  1. Do you prefer Shirley Temple as a little girl or as a teenager?

Little girl.  I have many wonderful memories of watching her movies when I was growing up.  I really love the Bachelor and the Bobby-soxer too which was made when she was a teenager.  I’ll Be Seeing you and Since You Went Away are also good.  Favorite little girl movie?  The Little Colonel.  I just like her, period.


  1. Favorite character actor?

Jane Darwell aka Ma Joad aka The Bird Woman


  1. Favorite Barbara Stanwyck role?

#1 Lady Eve

#2 Remember the Night (rare)


  1. Who is your favorite of Cary Grant’s leading ladies?

Irene Dunne is the runaway winner.  The Awful Truth anyone?  Honorable mention: Katharine Hepburn and Rosalind Russell


  1. Bette Davis or Joan Crawford?

Bette Davis (Now Voyager)

Not a huge fan of either.  Don’t usually like Crawford.  Sorry.


  1. What actors and/or actresses do you think are underrated?

Irene Dunne

Doris Day

Errol Flynn

Deanna Durbin

James Cagney

William Powell

Annex - Dunne, Irene_NRFPT_09

  1. What actors and/or actresses do you think are overrated?

Joan Crawford

Marilyn Monroe

Marlon Brando


  1. Do you watch movies made pre-1980 exclusively, or do you spice up your viewing-fare with newer films?                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mostly older films. But some newer ones thrown in from time to time.  Belle is a really well made and inspiring movie from a few years ago.

download (5)

19.   Is there an actor/actress who you have seen in a film and immediately loved? If so, who?

Jean Arthur- Love at first sight!

download (1)

20.   Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire?

Fred Astaire all the way!!  He’s my favorite actor of all time.  So cool!

Fred Astaire

21.   Favorite Ginger Rogers drama?

Storm Warning- Have you ever seen it?  It involves a Klu Klux Klan murder.  Does it get any more dramatic than that?


22.   If you wrote a screenplay, who would be in your dream cast and what roles would they play? (Mixing actors and actresses from different generations is allowed: any person from any point in their career.)

Fred Astaire and William Powell would be brothers romancing Ginger Rogers and Jean Arthur.  Fred would think he was in love with Jean Arthur when Ginger would really be the right one for him and William would think he was in love with Ginger when Jean is really right for him.  The guys would be trying to romance the girls on a large cruise ship which a careless drunk captian would run aground.  The passengers would have to survive on a desert island and they would all find true love.


23.   Favorite actress?

Ginger Rogers then Jean Arthur

ARTHUR , Jean, 1939 , CoI .ML Smith Goes to Washington.
ARTHUR , Jean, 1939 , CoI .ML Smith Goes to Washington.

24.    Favorite actor?

Fred Astaire then Jimmy Stewart


25.    And now, the last question. What is your favorite movie from each of these genres:

Drama: The African Queen

Romance: Random Harvest

Musical: Singing in the Rain

Comedy: The Major and the Minor

Western: The Magnificent Seven

Hitchcock (he has a genre all to himself): A Lady Vanishes


I’d love to see your picks.  Please share.

Survey from A Noodle in a Haystack


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