Studio Markup


Have you seen the wonderful film The Band Wagon?  It stars Fred Astaire as Tony Hunter, a multi-talented movie star fresh off a big flop who heads to Broadway hoping for a hit to turn his career around.  Amidst a host of fabulous musical numbers the romantic “Dancing in the Dark” alone is worth the price of admission.  The lovely Cyd Charisse and infinitely graceful Fred Astaire’s simple walk in the park becomes a rapturous dream of falling in love.  The scene contains no words but rather everything is communicated by movement and what exquisite movement it is!  The overall perfection is topped off by Cyd Charisse’s airy and beautiful white pleated dress.  I mean its perfectly GORGEOUS!!  Designer Mary Ann Nyberg discovered the dress by chance in Arizona and snatched it up for a mere 25$.  When The Band Wagon rolled around she decided Cyd just HAD to have it for Dancing in the Dark.  But horror of horrors she discovered that it was not being produced any more.  What to do?  Have it copied of course!  So the  MGM costume department made the fabulous reproduction you see on the screen.  How much did it cost you ask?  Why only $1,000.  What a markup!  However, Mary Ann was nominated for an Academy award for best costume design so I’m guessing it was worth every penny.  If you havent seen this film please run not walk to your nearest movie source and obtain it immediately.  Turn in next week for another fun Band Wagon tidbit.  Bye for now.

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