FLASH BLOGATHON: #CurateMyLife Classic Film Style

I’m delighted to participate in Margaret Perry‘s social media campaign/experiment to connect the public to a sense of heritage through sharing curated images.

DVD collection


VHS collection

Don’t exactly have a VHS collection.  I think I own two. : )

Favourite DVD


Favorite DVD cover:


Favourite VHS

Classic Disney silliness.  I love it!


Classic film related wall art


My favorite poster:

(Sooo intense!)


Classic film related household product (i.e. mug, dishtowel, picture frame, etc.)

A friend gave me this beautiful picture of my two favorite stars.


Classic film movie ticket



Picture of you and friends/family enjoying a classic movie experience

Girls Night.  I think we watched Calamity Jane. : )


Picture of fan art

I love Judy!


Classic movie related souvenir

Bookmarks from some of the film series we’ve shown at the library during the past year and a half.


Object that once belonged to a classic film star

Paul Becker, the mayor of Jacksonville Oregon , knows Ginger Rogers is my favorite actress so what do you think he gave me? A framed photo of Ginger Rogers and William Powell that actually belonged to her! She had it sitting on her fireplace mantle for years. He was good friends with Ginger. My first piece of classic movie memorabilia! Woohoo!


Picture of yourself with a classic film star

Don’t have one of these yet.  I’m really hoping to come back from the 2016 TCM Film Festival with at least one! : )

Selfie from TCM Film Festival

Coming soon…


Selfie with Robert Osborne (of which I will be INSANELY jealous)

This would be an absolute dream!

Classic film book collection

I used to have a huge stack but gave them away for the sake of space.  Sadly, home can only fit so many collections. : )  This is a library book I’m currently enjoying.


Favourite movie star biography/autobiography


Misc. – anything missing from this list that you feel is part of your classic film curated life. Be creative!

Favorite movie soundtracks on CD:

Grew up on these.  Could probably sing almost all of the songs to any passing stranger.  Restrain yourself Mary.


Favorite classic movie related vinyl record:

My best fella!IMG_1746

Favorite movie star photo:

My best gal!


-completed 13 categories-

(Hopefully all of them next year)

Found this post idea at Once Upon A Screen.  Curate My Life

It’s been very fun!  Thanks for reading.



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