10 Classic Films That May Make You Cry

Intense, emotional, moving, dramatic films…

Films that make me cry, make me feel, and make me think…

Glory never fails to upset me.

Recently Spotlight, Remember, Doubt, and Million Dollar Baby each drew me in and touched me.

This got me to thinking about those older films that have brought me to tears, usually more than once.

Here is rough list of what are for me the 10 most emotionally intense classic films.


10) Brief Encounter

(Ill fated love affair- star crossed lovers)

9) Ace in the Hole

(Cynical and biting… a too accurate depiction of corruption and media manipulation.)

8) Judgment at Nuremberg

(Judy and Monty.  Need I say more?)

7) The Miracle Worker

(The eating lesson scene alone…)

6) I Want to Live!

(Susan Hayward is completely raw.)

5) The Rack

(“He said he thought that every man has a moment in his life when he has to choose. If he chooses right, then it’s a moment of magnificence. If he chooses wrong, then it’s a moment of regret that will stay with him for the rest of his life. I wish that every soldier… I wish that everybody could feel the way I feel now. Because if they did, they’d know what it is like to be a man who sold himself short… and who lost his moment of magnificence. I pray to God that they find theirs.”)

4) Night of the Iguana

(“A man has got just so much in his emotional bank balance. Mine has run out. It’s stone dry. I can’t draw a check on it. There’s nothing left to draw out.”  I relate…

PLUS a killer cast- Ava, Richard, and Deborah!)

3) Random Harvest

(A three hankie picture- amnesia AND Ronald Colman)

2) Paths of Glory

(Two Kirk Douglas films on the list- so gut wrenching- I pray for a different ending each time.)

1) Sunset Boulevard

(“All right Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”  Such a strange and dark picture.  Really speaks to me…)


I’d love to hear yours!


Click here to read up on Bette Davis in the incredible Dark Victory.

…and thanks for visiting!


    • You’re welcome!
      Yes, ‘The Rack’ is a pretty rare film. I just happened upon it at a thrift store of all places on a Warner Archive release. Paul Newman is superb. Really devastating message…

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