Ginger’s Taste

As you probably already know I adore Ginger Rogers. Always have.  Always will.  On this blog I’ve shared a snapshot of her life story (A Taste of Ginger) as well as this clip of one of Ginger and Fred’s most creative dance numbers.  She was beautiful, charming, talented AND… had a very funky fashion sense.  Of course we’ve all had our moments- highly questionable outfits we’d rather forget.  Ugh and bleh.  Ginge definitely thought outside the box and wasn’t afraid take risks.  And so with the kindest regard and utmost respect here are a few of her illustrious fashion high points as well as a few delicious lows.

The Good

Such a cute sailor outfit.  (But oh, poor Lucy)


Must be in the running for most adorable picture ever.


So sexy


I love this sweater.


And THE iconic feather dress.


The Bad


Attack of the crabs?.


Picnic anyone?


And The Ugly




Plus One Large Kerfuffle


Believe it or not this dress raised a lot of eyebrows at the 1940 Academy Awards (Ginger won Best Actress for Kitty Foyle).  The lacy lingerie look was quite racy… not to mention the low neckline.  My, how far we’ve come.

And Just One More…


Ginger Rogers Wearing Coin Cape Costume from the Film Gold Diggers of 1933.
Ginger Rogers Wearing Coin Cape Costume from the Film Gold Diggers of 1933.

Love You Ginge!

Elegant Ginger




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4 thoughts on “Ginger’s Taste

    • I do too! Do you have a favorite Ginger musical? She also had some great comedies and drama’s that aren’t as well known like The Major and the Minor, Bachelor Mother, and Storm Warning. : ) Thanks for visiting!!


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