Summer Reads: Silver Screen Edition

I LOVE old movies! And these are a few of the people and things that made me love them. Check em’ out!

Cutest Child Ever Who Went On To Kick Ass

  • Child Star by Shirley Temple- Well written and engaging read. Lot’s of fun behind the scenes tidbits for Temple fans.

Girl Power

  • Leading Ladies: the 50 Most Unforgettable Actresses of the Studio Era by Andrea Cornell Sarvady- Full of gorgeous photographs and fascinating tributes to the best of the best. Get ready to rediscover lost love’s.
  • Judy Garland: Word’s Greatest Entertainer by John Fricke- Very moving and emotional. Really pulls you in to Judy’s life and career, making you fall in love with her all over again.

Eye Candy

  • MGM Posters: The Golden Years by Frank Miller- Luscious poster art. I wish there were 10 of these books, multiple for MGM and then for all the other studios as well. Just can’t get enough.
  • Reel Art: Great Posters From the Golden Age of the Silver Screen by Stephen Rebello- Another great collection of poster art.

Backwards, High heals, and a Scientologist Who’s Awesome

  • Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers- Excellent biography. Loses a little steam near the end but an absolute must for any Ginger fan.

All-Time Classic That I Read Over the Course of Years of Waiting in the Thrift Store for My Mom

  • By Myself by Lauren Bacall- Truly one of the greatest autobiographies from a classic Hollywood star. Can’t say enough.

Your Astaire Fix

  • The Astaire’s: Fred & Adele by Kathleen Riley- Well researched account of Fred’s massive pre-Hollywood success on Broadway. But getting to that point was not easy going. Riley vividly describes Fred’s family dynamics and the colorful world of the vaudeville circuit.
  • Steps in Time by Fred Astaire- Somewhat forgotten Fred Astaire autobiography. Essential.

Very Very Guilty Pleasure

  • Full Service by Scotty Bowers- Be prepared. Very naughty. Also, there’s plenty of controversy over whether or not all of Scotty’s stories are true.

Best Ever Movie Reference Book (Good whatever the season)

  • Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide- Used this book since I was 11. I know some of his entries by heart. Leonard Maltin is a great reviewer… though he can’t get em’ all right. Cough, cough, Miss Grant Take Richmond ehem ; )
Me with Leonard Maltin at the 2017 TCM Film Festival. Woohoo!

Thanks for reading!

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