About Me

Hi.  My name is Mary.  What is a 20 something gal doing watching old films, you ask?  Well, it all began one bright sunny afternoon when my Mom discovered a sale of classic movies at the Kingsway bookstore in Eugene, Oregon.  She bought 15 VHS’s including The Mark of Zorro, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Crimson Pirate, Scaramouche, The Scarlet Pimpernel and well… the rest is history.


How do I express this passion for the Golden Age of Hollywood?  As a librarian’s assistant I have the privilege of screening classic films each week at my branch.  I often do introductions to the films, telling about all the fascinating behind the scene stories.  I also love sharing my personal collection of over 700 old movies with friends and family.

My two favorite actors

Plus in April of 2016 I attended my first ever TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood.  It was incredible!  I’m can’t wait until May 2017 when I get to go back.


I enjoy listening to vinyl records, learning about American history, riding my motor scooter, drinking root beer, playing ping pong, and hiking in the beautiful state of Oregon.  I hope you enjoy this site and please come again soon.








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