The Best of the Best: Stars

download (1)thPNSA4RXR

-Mary’s Favorite Film Stars-

  1. Fred Astaire
  2. Ginger Rogers
  3. Jimmy Stewart
  4. Jean Arthur
  5. Judy Garland
  6. Cary Grant
  7. Humphrey Bogart
  8. Claudette Colbert
  9. Doris Day
  10. Errol Flynn
  11. Mickey Rooney
  12. Shirley Temple
  13. Irene Dunne
  14. Olivia DeHaviland
  15. Katharine Hepburn
  16. Clark Gable
  17. Gary Cooper
  18. William Holden
  19. Hayley Mills
  20. Red Skelton
  21. Annex - Dunne, Irene_NRFPT_09

Annex_-_Astaire,_Fred_NRFPT_03mickey-rooneyDBRnR67M4oofr1ucOzJVQSXLo1_1280ginger-rogers-hair-mid-1930scpAnnex - Day, Doris_05divo_clark_gable_01



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